Mandala Pillow


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Your heart will yearn to add this stunning Beige Blue Distressed Floral Pattern Throw Pillow to your collection of bohemian décor items. Packed with embroidery detailing in blue and beige asymmetrical patterns and distressed floral designs, the pillow boasts distinctive hand-tied French knot accents to add texture to the piece and emphasize a classic bohemian allure. Made with reclaimed sari fibers, the pillow is wonderfully crafted to add texture to the pillow while ensuring softness and durability. The pillow features a solid cotton back with a hidden zipper closure for convenience while the knife edging adds to the crisp and clean corners for a polished appearance. Each pillow is unique in its own right with indications of artisanal skill and is sure to personalize the vibe of your home with a boho-chic flair.

20″ x 20″ x 6.25”


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